What types of clothes do people wear in the desert?


The types of clothing people prefer to wear in the desert include loose-fitting cotton clothing, and the Tuareg wear long indigo robes and indigo head cloths. Layers of clothes help keep sweat from evaporating too quickly so that an individual can conserve moisture and keep the body cooler and hydrated.

A hat with a wide brim is an excellent accessory, and long-sleeve shirts and long pants offer excellent air circulation while providing a block against the sun. Sunglasses can help protect the eyes from ultra-violet light and can help prevent cataracts later in life.

Aside from the proper attire, it's a good idea to pack a few necessities. Those traveling in the desert need adequate water, a first aid kit and a survival kit, a sturdy knife and some common knowledge about the desert. A desert survival kit should include two one-liter canteens, a medical blanket and a compass.

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