What type of cookware is best for use on a glass-top range?


The best cookware for glass-top ranges use is a flat-bottomed pan made of stainless steel, copper, aluminum or porcelain enamel. Pans made of cast iron or with any rough bottom surfaces should be avoided.

Glass-top ranges have heating elements underneath the glass surface. A pan with a flat bottom stays in better contact with the heat source to cook food evenly. Rounded pans and pans with irregularities are a poor choice. The glass cook-top is also vulnerable to scratching. Cast iron and other cookware with rough surfaces easily scratch the range when they are placed on the stove or moved from one place to another.

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1. Use only cookware that is less than 1 inch wider than the burners. The surface of the stove around the burners is not intended to reach the high temperatures of the surface above
I have the same range, and like you, experienced some similar problems. The Le Creuset cast iron cookware will work, so will genuine Farberware products, and the quality pots and
Stainless Steel is your best choice. Get flat botttom cookware because your stove eyes will be flat and in order to have even cooking, it should sit flush to the surface.You will
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The best cookware for smooth-top ranges is stainless steel or heavyweight aluminum pots and pans with flat bottoms since the bottom of the cookware must be in ...
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