What type of government does South Korea have?


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The Government of South Korea
Conventional Name: Republic of Korea
Government Type: republic
Voting Age: 19 years of age; universal
Chief: President Park Geun-hye
Head: Prime Minister Jung Hong-won
Legislature: bicameral; General Courts or Las Cortes Generales (National Assembly) consists of the Senate or Senado (264 seats as of 2008; 208 members directly elected by popular vote and the other 56 - as of 2008 - appointed by the regional legislatures; to ser
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Three years later, the Korean Workers Party spearheaded implementation of a centralized communist government in North Korea, which became known as the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Meanwhile, South Korea became known as the Republic of Korea, operating as a republic.

As of March 2014, South Korea's executive branch is personified by a president elected by popular vote to one five-year term. With the consent of the legislative branch, the president then appoints the prime minister to serve as "head of government."

South Korea's legislative branch is its National Assembly, whose 299 members are elected by popular vote to four-year terms.

The country's judicial system is an amalgamation of U.S. law, Chinese classical thought and European civil law. The nation's supreme court is composed of a chief justice, appointed by the president, and as many as 13 fellow justices appointed, at the chief justice's recommendation and with National Assembly approval, by the president.

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