What Type of Metals Attract to Magnets?


Metals such as iron, nickel, and cobalt attract to magnets very well, in addition to some types of steel. These metals are called ferrous metals, and not only can be attracted by magnets, but can also be magnetized themselves by being exposed to magnets.
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What Types of Metal are Attracted to Magnets?
Ferromagnetic metals are those attracted to magnets, the best-known being iron, nickel and rare earth alloys. Other metals are attracted by a different, weaker type of magnetism -- too faint for you to feel -- which is known as paramagnetism.... More »
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One type of metal that attracts to magnets is iron. Brass and bronze are also attracted to magnets.
There are three major types of magnets; permanent, temporary, and electromagnets. Permanent magnets are always magnetic, whereas temporary magnets lose their magnetism outside of a magnetic field. An electromagnet is a magnet that acts as a permanent magnet when an electric current is flowing through it.
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