What Type of Star Is the Sun?


Our sun is a G2 star. These stars are classified based on how hot they are. M class stars are the coolest stars, making a G2 star quite hot, at 5506 degrees celsius.
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G type.
The sun is classified as a "Yellow Dwarf" star.
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I don't even need to know what the difference is between those two types to answer this. Venus regardless of the type of star our sun is would remain uninhabitable since there is
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What Type of Star Is the Sun?
The sun is a yellow dwarf star which is very massive, hot and ancient. It is an area of great nuclear activity and it produces multiple types of radiation. By learning about different aspects of the Earth's primary source of both light and heat, we can... More »
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Our sun's stellar classification is G2V. G2 refers to the sun's temperature, which is about 5, 505 degrees Celsius. The V is the Roman numeral five, which means the Sun is a main sequence star, getting its energy by converting hydrogen to helium.
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