What type of volcano is Laki?


Laki is considered a fissure vent volcano. This volcano is located in Iceland and has not erupted in over 200 years. However it is possible that this volcano would erupt again.
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stratovolcano, or depending on what you're looking for, fissure.
A shield volcano is a volcano built up almost entirely by lava flows. The name originates from the shield-like shape created by the liquid lava that produces a broad, gently sloping
The Smith Volcano is a large green cinder cone. The base is surrounded by large quantities of Smithian moss, contributing to the nomenclature of the said volcano. Local villagers
Mammals and stuff.
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Laki Volcano, located in Iceland, is classified as a volcanic fissure because of its linear shape and the fact that it emits lava flows without any explosive activity.
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