Jelutong Wood?


Jelutong is a tall hardwood tree that grows in Borneo, Malaysia and Sumatra. It grows quickly and has many commercial timber uses. The wood from the tree is very light in colour, ranging from a creamy white to pale yellow and has a plain, straight grain and even texture.
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it is a. wood. that is jelutog.
The only disadvantage i could is the surface forms in clusters or rows about 3 feet apart. These passages, or canals, which appear lens-shaped on flat-sawn surfaces, about 1/4 in.
The strongest type of wood used in construction is called Iron wood which is also the hardest. If you want to be a bit tricky, petrified wood is pretty tough stuff but impractical
The quality of the wood will determine whether the piece can be identified. Original cell structure is sometimes completely destroyed by the petrification process. If you can see
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