What Types of Actions Are Controlled by Smooth Muscles?


The types of actions controlled by smooth muscles are the contractions that are used to control internal organs. For example, smooth muscles are responsible for moving food through the Oesophagus. Smooth muscles are also known as involuntary muscles because we cannot control their movements.
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The actions are that they control the movement inside your. body,such. as breathing or digestion.
The two types of smooth muscle are visceral, or unitary, smooth muscle and
The diaphragm is classified as a skeletal muscle. Most of the time it is under involuntary control but we can move it voluntarily at will. It is shaped like a dome and is the anatomical
It's the Internal Urinary Sphincter, between the bladder and the prostate gland (males) or between the bladder and the urethra (females). It is the ONLY smooth muscle in the body
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