What clothing is worn in Spain?


Common summer clothing in Spain includes light cotton clothing, t-shirts, loose tops, colorful sundresses and sun hats to block out the sun. In coastal areas, it is common to see people in sandals and shorts. Due to the cold and windy falls and winters, Spanish people wear heavy overcoats, ski jackets, sweater vests, jeans, hats and leather gloves. Insulated slacks also keep Spaniards warm.

Nightlife requires more formal attire. Nicely made evening gowns and three-piece suits are often seen at fine restaurants. Businesswear includes conservative suits and ties for men and well-made business suits for women. Except for events like bullfighting, Spaniards rarely wear flashy or over-the-top attire. Most clothing is made of cotton, fine leather or wool. Spain has many clothing boutiques that feature contemporary and traditional Spanish designs. Many Spaniards wear famous global brands like Gucci, Zara, Armani and Louis Vuitton. Asian styles are attractive and trendy to Spanish people. Many like to accessorize with leather. Such products include purses, gloves, belts, wallets and equestrian wear. Many shoes are intricately designed and made of fine leather. Women sport sandals, loafers or high heels. Both men and women enjoy leather riding boots. Also popular are athletic shoes, particularly from popular global brands. Formal shoes include square or pointed-toe shoes and pumps.

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