What Types of Fish Should Be Put in a Small Pond?


There are several types of fish that should be kept in a pond but the two common ones are the goldfish and koi. The goldfish can be kept with most aquatic plant species, while koi fishes like to eat plants and can be kept only with a few plant species.
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What Types of Fish Should Be Put in a Small Pond?
The most common choices for pond fish are Koi and goldfish. But Koi can grow to be large, and require a pond that is at least 1,000 gallons and at least 3-feet deep, so they are not be suitable for smaller ponds. Goldfish are the most common and popular... More »
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Comets are the hardiest of the goldfish varieties and are especially suited to areas with long, cold winters. The Sarasa Comet is originally from China and resembles the Koi with
Besides adding animals such as frogs and fish, you can also add plants to your pond. Plants like water lilies and ferns may thrive there. You can also put clean, decorative non-porous
I would go with some small fancy goldfish. I usually say that 20 gallons is only for one fish, but if you keep it clean enough, you could probably keep two. If this is an indoor pond
Japanese Koi fish are used in most people's small
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There are not many fish that would do well in a 12 foot deep pond. You will need bigger fish, like Koi, in order for them to grow big enough to be able to survive ...
Dear Greg, You won't be authorized to carry it with you. You will need to check it and provide a suitable packing, i.e. strong enough to protect your equipment ...
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