What Types of Organisms Use Cellular Respiration?


Cellular respiration is a type of metabolism in living organisms that releases energy in the cell. Plants and animals use Cellular Respiration to break the organic compounds into simpler molecules and release energy. Bacteria, fungi, and algae also use Cellular Respiration.
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Any organisms without chloroplasts, for example, all the animals.
Cellular respiration is carried out by every cell in both
1. Aerobs. Not a common term since almost ALL organisms are capable or Aerobic Respiration (the release of energy form simple organic compounds in the presence of oxygen) E.coil is
Enzymes - biological catalysts.
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What Type of Organisms Use Cellular Respiration?
All life on Earth must sustain itself by producing or consuming energy. Many organisms such as plants and algae produce energy, but the subsequent parts of the food chain involve consumers that undergo some process of cellular respiration in order to... More »
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