What was Albert Einstein's IQ?


Albert Einstein's IQ was 160. The average range of IQ for most people is between 85 and 115 points; this makes Einstein's IQ significantly above average.

Albert Einstein was a German physicist most famous for his equation E = m(c^2), which is the formula for mass-energy equivalence. As a result of his wealth of intellectual successes, his name later became a replacement for the word "genius." Einstein shares his IQ ranking with a few other geniuses, including George Eliot and Nicolaus Copernicus. Above him in IQ rankings are Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Charles Darwin, Galileo Galilei and Bobby Fischer.

Q&A Related to "What was Albert Einstein's IQ?"
I once read that he never took a standard IQ test, or if he did, he never made the results public. The article seemed pretty accurate.
Albert Einstein never took an IQ test. Thus his IQ is unknown. However, some
Albert Einstein's IQ was just above 160, which is considered genius level but not the highest ever recorded.
He never took one, but people estimate what his IQ is which is really stupid because how can you just guess. Its funny though people with The highest recorded IQ never seem to accomplish
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