What was Cinderella's real name?


The Disney character of Cinderella, based on a French fairy tale by Charles Perrault, is also referred to as Ella in some incarnations of the story. Most notably, the name Ella is used in the film "Once Upon a Time."

The tale of Cinderella by Perrault was published in 1697 but was based on even earlier European folk tales where a young girl embodies the element of unjust oppression in society. The story was told again by the Brothers Grimm from Germany in the 19th century. The girl Ella was forced by her stepmother and stepsisters to sweep the cinders of the fireplace and sleep beside them at night, awakening with a cover of cinders on her clothes and hair. Thus the name Ella became Cinderella.

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Depends on what version of Cinderella you are referring to so far I have found these names: Aschenputtel, Cendrillon, for Disney her name is just Cinderella.
her name is emily graffeo, she is a friend of mine.
In the Walt Disney version of the movie,
There are two mice in the Cartoon version. I do not think they have names. they wear overalls or working togs and I seem to recall a patch or lettering Allied Maintenance ( this is
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