What is Frosty's nose made of?


Frosty the snowman, in the popular winter song, has a nose made out of a button. In the movie version of the song, the button nose is red.

The song "Frosty the Snowman," written by Steve Nelson and Jack Rollins, spells out Frosty's appearance. In addition to a button nose, Frosty has coal eyes, a corncob pipe and a silk cap. The silk cap is the item that brings the snowman to life. In the movie version, the hat is a dark gray top hat with a black band and a pink flower accent. The movie hat once belonged to a magician, which is why it has magical powers.

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In the second line of the lyrics to the song Frosty the Snowman it states: With a corn cob pipe and a button nose, and two eyes made of coal. So the answer to your question would
Frosty the Snowman's nose is generally made out of a carrot.
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