What was happening on the day I was born?


Several online resources are available to help a person determine what was happening on the day he was born. A general Internet search of the birth date often brings up some relevant results as well.

The History Channel website offers "This Day in History," which allows readers to search for what was happening on the day they were born by clicking the date on a calendar. For example, a person born on May 2 discovers that the infamous Loch Ness Monster was sighted along the shores of Loch Ness on May 2, 1933. Those born on January 5th learn that they share a birthday with the Golden Gate Bridge.

The History Channel website is one of the more reputable resources available, but it mainly focuses on important historical events. Many other websites offer insight into what was happening on specific days in history, but they may not have the same fact-checking standards. However, they often provide a wider spectrum of facts and interesting trivia about the day an individual was born, such as famous events, number-one movies and songs, and even the price of gas. Several sites also reveal the birthdays of celebrities and other famous people, allowing site visitors to find matches with their own date of birth.

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