What Was Liverpool like in 1970?


In the 1970's, Liverpool was in an economic crisis as many docks were closed. There was high rate of unemployment as well as many people losing their jobs. Strikes were always experienced as many people were unable to meet their basic needs leading to formation of certain terror groups.
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life was tough.
The docks and manufacturing industries went into decline from the mid 70s, so there was rising unemployment. But musical innovation was still flourishing, and there were venues where
He was THE A-list star of the 1970s. Some of his best films ( White Lightning, Gator, The Longest Yard, Shamus, Deliverance,etc) were made during this era. And some of his worst films
Grim. Watch the TV series 'Boys From the Blackstuff' written (by a Liverpudlian) in the late '70s and broadcast in the early 1980s.It's set in Liverpool.
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Life in Liverpool in the 1970s was really bad as it was a city in decline. Lots of the big employers such as the docks weren't as successful as they were in the past. There were lots of strikes over pay and working hours and unemployment was rising. Slum clearance was taking place so there were massive changes to the city.
In the 1970's Liverpool was facing its worst crisis just after the World War II. Many of the businesses and factories were being shut down. This led to a major decline in development as unemployment was sky-rocketing.
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