What Was London like in the 1880s?


In the 1880s, most working class people stayed in two roomed houses and more than half the population never left the city. The society was oligarchic and only a small number of people were allowed to vote and lower class people were mostly shunned by society. 80% of London’s population was working class and In order to be considered middle class you had to have at least one servant.
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The closest answer is: The London England population was 6,000
I can speak from a native Californians perspective. I lived in London in 2005 and went to UCL. I lived in (the worst flat) in Nottinghill. Great for Football fans & Indian food
FINALLY something EXACTLY in my particular field of expertise! Let me think. Politics, there was lot of talk in Stortinget (the Parliament) on whether to end the union between Norway
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In the 80s, London's population began to rise for the first time in the century after reaching its lowest point in 1983. Money began to flow in the city as the banking and financial service industries took over the role previously taken by the docks. On the down side, hostility between national government and the Greater London Council (GLC) led to the abolition of the GLC in 1986 and the IRA resumed its bombing campaign.
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