What was Manchukuo?


Manchukuo was a puppet state in northeast China and Inner Mongolia. The state was governed under a form of constitutional monarchy. The Japanese invaded the area in 1931 and installed a pro-Japanese government a year later.
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Answer In 1931 Japan invaded Manchuria. To cover up their invasion, the Japanese imposed a new "puppet" government (a government controlled by them) that was meant to approve
(măn'chū'kwō') also Man·chu·guo ( -gwō' ) A former state of eastern Asia in Manchuria and eastern Nei Monggol (Inner Mongolia). It was established
As Korea had been under Japanese control for a large part of teh 20th C. The Imperial Japanese ARmy had Korean soldiers in it. Whether these were volunteers or pressed men it is going
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[man-choo-kwoh; Chinese mahn-joh-kwaw]
a former country (1932–45) in E Asia, under Japanese control: included Manchuria and parts of Inner Mongolia; now a part of China.
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