What Was Mickey Mouse's First Name?


Mickey Mouse refers to a cartoon character that has become an icon for the Walt Disney Company. The birth of Mickey mouse took place in a four day train journey and was first named Mortimer. Its mother then thought that the name was too stuffy and later called him Mickey.
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Wondering how to draw Mickey Mouse? Recreating one of the world's most beloved characters in your own notebook is easier than you might think. 1. Draw a fairly large circle for Mickey's
1. Call yourself a Mickeyholic. Only Mickey Mouse fans in-the-know call themselves that so you'll immediately bond with others. 2. Plaster your walls with pictures of Mickey and his
http://pad1.whstatic.com/images/thumb/3/35/Draw-Mickey-Mouse-Step-1-preview.jpg/550px-Draw-Mickey-Mouse-Step-1-preview.jpg. http://pad3.whstatic.com/images/thumb/3/35/Draw-Mickey-Mouse-Step
Now that I've found the information from my 'History of Animation' class, I'm updating my answer. I apologize for the previous mistake. In the early 1920's, Walt Disney had a rather
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Mickey Mouse is not 80 years old. And was created by Walt Disney. He actually started out as a bunny named Oswald. Later Walt shortened his ears and turned him ...
Walt Disney's character 'Mickey Mouse' was designed and initially named Mortimer. Disney's wife suggested the name 'Mickey Mouse' and it has remained ever since. ...
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