What Was President Nixon's Southern Strategy?


The 'Southern Strategy', as first adopted by future President Richard Nixon in the late 1960's, is an American Political strategy utilized by the modern Republican Party. The southern strategy's aim is to win elections in southern (south-eastern) states in the US, and employs anti-African American racism in white southerners while also appealing to fears of expanded federal government authority in social and economic matters.
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Pres. Richard Nixon's "Southern Strategy" was designed to gain the votes of individuals who opposed school desegregation and the votes of northern Whites ,More?
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It was a plan for appealing to White resentment over desegregation to
He got Henry Kissinger in there and he made all sides sit down and talk. I really think without Kissinger that it wouldn't have gotten done.
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Nixon's southern strategy was designed to appeal to the conservative democrats. It targeted the reasons why these democrats were unhappy; the federal desegregation policies and the liberal supreme court. Richard Nixon is also noted for being the first president to resign from position.
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