What Was the Amphitheatre Used for?


Amphitheatre refers to a spherical structure that has seats mounting behind and above each other around a central open area or arena. They mainly originated from classical Greece and are the first known exclusively designated theatre spaces.
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An amphitheatre is an oval large stadium or a sloping gallery with tiers of seats, or a ground in which competitions and spectacles are held. The term is also commonly used in reference to any open, outdoor theatre, particularly one from the traditional period of ancient Rome.
An amphitheatre is an open outdoor gallery with tiered seats for spectators used for entertainment and performances. The Colosseum in the Rome, also known as the Flavian Amphitheatre, is one of the world's oldest and most popular amphitheatres.
An amphitheatre is a gallery that is sloping in direction and it is filled with seats for spectators. It is usually large and oval in shape where contests and spectacles take place at the centre of the amphitheatre.
In history, particularly during the Roman times, amphitheatres were used as centres of entertainment. Roman citizens went to watch fights between gladiators and wild animals, such as bears and lions. The fighters were slaves or criminals and the more tense the fights were, the more entertaining the audience found it.
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An amphitheatre is a type of open air venue that is used in the entertainment business when dealing with performances and shows. A long time ago, amphitheatres existed and were built
Entertainment and performances. Its an open air theater, basically.
Tickets to the Slipknot,
The Amphitheatre is used for quiet gatherings where the Aurovilians come together for special occasions.
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