What was the average life expectancy for a soldier in the Vietnam war?


Over 2 million men successfully completed their tours.
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Vietnam War (1959-1975)
In the late 1950s, a communist guerrilla force – the Vietcong – emerged in the south. Supported and supplied from Hanoi via a network of tracks known as the Ho Chi Minh trail, its ranks were boosted by southerners frustrated with the corrupt... More »
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The life expectancy for American males at the
It is estimated that approximately 58,159 United States soldiers were killed in the Vietnam War.
The average age of those killed in Vietnam was 23.11 years. 50,274 were enlisted, average age 22.37. 58,148 Americans were killed. From US Army figures.
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During the Vietnam War, a soldier's life was full of hardship since they were fighting in the jungle. The jungle was very hot; there was high humidity and great ...
An average 58,148 soldiers were killed in Vietnam during the American invasion of Vietnam in the late 60’s. Over 304,000 soldiers were badly wounded out ...
Australia's association with the US during the 1960's caused the Australian Military to adapt itself to US equipment, and depart from it's traditional British ...
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