What Was the Bauhaus?


Bauhaus was a school that operated between 1919 and 1933. It was founded by architect Walter Gropius in Germany with the idea of creating a total work of art in which all arts would eventually be brought together. It became one of the most influential schools in modern architecture design. Bauhaus Archive is a museum in Berlin that collects items related to the school and displays them. A retail chain in Germany, also called Bauhaus, sells home improvement, gardening and workshop products.
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Architect: Walter Gropius
Location: Dessau
The Bauhaus was one of the first German colleges of design being in existence from 1919-1933 when it was closed down by the Nazi’s. It is famously known for affirmed innovative training methods and also created a place of production and focus of international debate.
The term Bauhaus refers to a German style of structural design that was formed by Walter Gropius in 1918. This term can also be defined as a school of design that was established for its designs of objects based on functionalism and simplicity.
Bauhaus was a school that w as in Germany and it combined crafts and fine arts. It was famous for the approach in designing it taught and publicized. The school operated between 1919 until 1933.
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Bauhaus relates to the architectural school of thought that emerged in the twentieth century in Germany, stylized by types of materials used and execution of construction.You can
Bauhaus (literally house-building in German) is a school of design that worked with industrial materials and techniques in its designs.
1. Check the cushion tags for what kind of cleaning you can do on the Bauhaus couch. "S" stands for dry-cleaning, water-free solvents only. "WS" stands for water-based
Walter Gropius founded the Bauhaus on the basic theory that art, design, craft, and industry need not be (or rather should not be) isolated by society. He expanded on these ideas
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Bauhaus was an arts and crafts school in Germany. Bauhaus was famous for it's approach to design combining art and industrial design in the 1920s. Founded by ...
Bauhaus design is a design that integrates art, technology and craftsmanship by ignoring precedent and generating a new design philosophy. Bauhaus was a design ...
Bauhaus refers to an institution of architectural, art and design that was established by Walter Gropius in the 20th century. It is known for its aesthetic design ...
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