Causes of the Cuban Revolution?


The Cuban revolution was a successful armed revolt, led by Fidel Castro on 26th of July 1958. The revolt led to the overthrow of the US backed Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista on 1 January 1959. After Castro took over, Cuba became an important player in the global power of the Soviet Union and was a contributing factor to the severity of the cold war.
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The Cuban people were fed up with Fulgencio Batista's corrupt government, Fidel Castro offered them equality and a better way of life. After he overthrew Batista Cuba became a communist
The causes of the Revolution itself laid behind the military dictatorship of
We can look at the significance of this event in two ways. Internationally, the revolution was significant because it put a communist country close to the coast of Florida. During
Early in the twentieth century, the US defeated Spain's imperial regime in Cuba and set up it's own pro-US government there. Although this person was indeed, just a dictator, and
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