What Was the Dogs Name in Inspector Gadget?


The dog's name in the film Inspector Gadget is called Brain. Inspector Gadget is the main protagonist of the series and movies. It is an animated television series developed in joint-venture between France, Taiwan, the United States, Canada and Japan.
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Brain was the name of Penny's dog on Inspector Gadget. Thanks for
Inspector Gadget: the baddie was Dr. Claw, Inspector Gadget's young niece was Penny and her dog called Brain.
Brain is the dogs
M.A.D. Cat is the name of the Dr. Claw's cat
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Brain the Dog is Inspector Gadget's pet dog and companion. He is intelligent as a human being and assists Gadget in solving the crimes and often keeps him out of danger. Brain communicates well with human beings, through a gruff?.
Brain the Dog is the name of Inspector Gadget’s dog. It is very intelligent and a good companion to him. The dog keeps the Penny Gadget’s niece out of danger.
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