When Was the First Board Game Invented?


Backgammon was the first board game invented. It was invented around the 1st century A. D and was originally called Tables or Tabula. The emperor Claudius was a very good player of tables.
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simple. THE SIMS. unless U count simcity.
Go. To elaborate, Go is older, arguably more popular, and deeper (more computationally complex) than Chess. It has stood the test of time with a simple and elegant rules set, and
Answer China had the first game of a variation of soccer that is still quite similar, while the english played the first game of mob soccer between towns. Nips
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The first board game invented was backgammon back in the Roman and Greek periods. The first board game in the U.S. was in 1843 called 'The Mansion of Happiness'. 'Pachisi' was invented in India in the early 1800s.
They figure the first game that was invented was in 1870,.It was Shoots and Ladders, but they know the oldest game was played over 4000 years ago and that would be chess.
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