What Was the Golden Gate Bridge Made out of?


Joseph Baerman Strauss constructed the Golden Gate Bridge. He was the chief Engineer in this project. It took more than four years to complete and the construction cost around $35 million dollars.
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The Golden Gate Bridge was opened on May 28, 1937. However, the dream of constructing such a bridge was there for over a century. Before the bridge was opened officially, the pedestrian Day was held on May 27, 1937.
The Golden Gate Bridge is made of steel. The steel weighs approximately 75,000,000 kilogrammes. The cables that hold up the bridge span 7,260 feet. The bridge was opened in 1937.
The Golden Gate Bridge was constructed by Joseph Baerman Strauss. The Golden Gate Bridge was made of more than one million tones of concrete and steel wires long enough to circle the earth three times!
The Golden Gate is made of two cables which are 361/2 inches in diameter, and it is believed to be the largest bridge cables ever made. The two cables are enough to surround several times the whole world and each cable is 7,659 feet long with 27,572 parallel wires. The Golden Gate Strait is 400 feet deep.
The golden gate was built to connect San Francisco to other northern cities located in California. It was constructed Joseph Strauss, an engineer and bridge-builder. Before that the only way to go across was by ferry which was later clogged.
Steel and concrete == the golden gate bride is made out of 27 572 strands of wire on each cable.
The Golden Gate Bridge is made of 83,000 tons of steel that was in steel plants in three different states and then shipped to San Francisco by way of the Panama Canal and 7260 feet of cable.
The golden gate bridge is made out of concrete and steel. This bridge has a total length of 2737 meters where each cable is made of 27572 strands of wire. This bridge was named The Golden Gate in 1846 by Captain John C Fremont.
The Golden Gate Bridge is largely made from steel. Approximately 83,000 tons of steel were used in the construction of the bridge. The bridge also used 129,000 km of cable and about 128 lights, with 12 lights at each tower.
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