What Was the Major Issue in the Election of 1896?


The major issue of the election of 1896 was free and unlimited coinage of silver. William McKinley was on the side of gold and William Jennings Bryan was for silver.
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the free and unlimited coinage of silver.William McKinley wanted to remain on the gold standard.William jennings Bryan and the populist party advocated for the silver standard. the
The primary, most important issue of the 1896 campaign was
In addition to the China question, other notable issues included: concerns around economic slowdown, given Taiwan's reliance on exports. rising income disparity. house price inflation
Reconstruction. Reform of government corruption. civil service reform, supported immigration restriction and hefty pensions. currency expansion. Source(s) http://en.wikipedia.org/
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The issue in the US election of 1896 that was considered to be 'the major issue' was the production and issuance of unlimited coinage. The coinage in question was specifically silver. William McKinley was opposed to this idea; he wanted to stick with the gold standard. William Jennings Bryan however, was very supportive of the idea of unlimited access to silver.
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