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The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a political and social boycott that started in December 1 1955 and ended in December 1 1956. It started as result of Rosa Park's (an African American) refusal to give up her seat to a white person. After her arrest, African Americans refused to use buses from the Montgomery Bus company as protest to segregation.
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The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a social and political protest campaign started in 1955 in Montgomery, USA. It opposed the city's policy of racial segregation on its public transit system. Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr. and Ralph Abernathy were involved in the boycott.
The Montgomery bus boycott refers to a political and social protest that was made against racial segregation on the public transport system in Montgomery, Alabama. The civil rights activist, Martin Luther King also took part in the boycott which lasted for about 20 days.
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The Montgomery Bus Boycott began in 1955, when Rosa Parks refused to give up her seat for a white passenger. The boycott was in effect an opposition to the city's policy on racial
The Montgomery Bus Boycott was a protest by the African-Americans about the buses in the Montgomery area. The buses had a poloicy that white people sat at the front and African-Americans
The Montgomery Bus Boycott was when the black community decided to have a boycott
When Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give her seat on a bus to a white person, the civil rights leaders, including Dr. Martin Luther King called for Montgomery citizens to
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The Montgomery bus boycott had far reaching effects. It was considered the root of the civil rights movement because after the three year boycott, the Montgomery ...
The Montgomery Bus Boycott in 1955 was a political and social protest campaign in the USA. This campaign started in Montgomery, Alabama and it intended to oppose ...
The Montgomery bus boycott was a form of social protest that took place in the year 1955 to oppose racial segregation. The main effect was that the movement of ...
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