What Was the Name of the Lone Ranger's Horse?


The Lone Ranger's horse was called Silver. He is a fictional masked Texas Ranger who, with his companion Tonto, tries to fight injustice in the American Old West. The Lone Ranger has become an enduring icon in the American culture.
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The Lone Ranger's horses name is Silver. Tonto's horses name was Scout. Thank
The Lone Ranger's horse is named Silver. He was a solid white colored horse. While Scout was Tonto's horse.
Either Tonto or Silver. "Hi-ho Silver"? I think that's what he use to say to make the horse run. I dunno. Before my time.
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Lone Ranger's horse is called Silver. Silver is a white stallion symbolizing purity and every time the Lone Ranger departed, with his stallion, he would shout Hi-yo, Silver! Away!. However, before acquiring Silver, the Lone Ranger rode a chestnut mare called Dusty.
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In the Lone Ranger, Tonto rides three horses which are Silver (originally Paint Horse), White Feller and Scout. He was given Silver by his friend Chief Thundercloud ...
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