What was the name of Tonto's horse?


The name of Tonto's horse was Scout, a spotted palomino. In an early publicity photograph, Tonto is seen riding double with the Lone Ranger on Silver, but the producers of the show decided Tonto needed his own horse.

Tonto had another horse named White Feller in some of the early "Lone Ranger" novels based on the radio show, but by the time the serial was brought to television, the name Scout was well established. Scout was originally intended to be a pure white horse like Silver, but after using a white horse in the movie serials, the producers chose a palomino for the television series to better complement the Lone Ranger's horse.

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Tonto, the Lone Ranger's Native American sidekick, rode a bay pinto named Scout. He was originally supposed to ride a white (grey) horse similar to Silver, but the television producers
Tonto's horse was named Scout. He's a spotted palomino or paint horse. ChaCha!
Tonto's horse is named "Scout."He's a spotted palomino or "paint." Tonto was played by actor John Todd
Here's what it says on the site shown in source below: Tonto's horse is named "Scout." He's a pinto. Originally, Tonto rode double with the Lone Ranger on Silver. After
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