Mickey Mouse's Original Name?


Mickey Mouse's original name was Mortimer Mouse which was discarded since Walt Disney's wife, Lillian, did not approve of it. Mickey is a famous cartoon character who is the leader of the Disney Toons and is the official mascot for the Walt Disney Company. He has appeared in a number of animation films including 'Kingdom Hearts', 'Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories' , 'Kingdom Hearts II' and 'House of Mouse'.
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Mickey Mouse was originally going to be called Mortimer Mouse. The story goes that Walt's wife Lillian thought that sounded "too pompous" and it was changed to Mickey. However
Mickey Mouse's original name was Mortimer but the wife of Walt, Lillian,
Topolino translates to English as "Little Mouse" and not directly as Mickey Mouse. To actually translate each word in Mickey Mouse to Italian would come out as the same
Absolutely totally wrong all the previous answers.....his name has been and always was Mickey Mouse! Mortimer was Minnies Uncle. Steamboat willie was a movie...his very first one.
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Mickey Mouse was first known as Mortimer Mouse and he first appeared in the Walt Disney's 'Steamboat Willy' show. Mickey was a replacement for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, an earlier cartoon, and made his first ever appearance in 1928.
Mortimer Mouse was the original name for Mickey Mouse. Mickey Mouse is an animated character who has become an image for The Walt Disney Company. Mickey was created in 1928 by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks.
The original name of Mickey Mouse was Mortimer Mouse, but Walt Disney's wife Lilian never liked it. Created in 1928, Mickey Mouse, a cartoon character was first voiced by Walt Disney himself until 1946. Mickey Mouse is loved by many especially children and is the official receiver of Disneyland and Walt Disney World Theme Parks.
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