What was the outcome of the French Revolution?


The French Revolution led to the dissolution of the French monarchy. It also led to the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte and the expansion of French colonialism. The revolution led to a new calendar and other small changes.

European rationalism had changed how many Europeans viewed the world, government and individual rights. However, French monarchs paid little attention to demands from the public. After the Revolutionary War and the formation of the United States, many French people felt that overthrowing the monarchy would allow them to set up a rationalist government that would serve the French people better than any monarchy could.

Other monarchies throughout Europe became wary, and many took steps to keep their populations content. The decadence displayed by the French monarchy was partially abandoned in other parts of Europe, and potential revolutionaries were taken more seriously.

The French Revolution had a profound effect on England. Many intellectuals, and even people in the aristocratic class, viewed the revolution as rationalism defeating old traditions. However, many also looked down on the French people and the revolution itself because of the horrors of the Reign of Terror, which claimed the lives of thousands of people who were put to death at the guillotine.

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A government called the Directory took over and France was at war with a lot of other countries until Wellington and Blucher's victory at Waterloo. After the revolution, Napolean
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