What Was the Purpose of the Television?


The television has quite a number of purposes; it is primarily used for entertainment and advertisement. It is also used for exchange of information. One is able to watch and enjoy programs broadcast from TV stations. Also, through the television you are able to watch current news and receive information about events as they happen.
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Answer Yes television is there for entertainment. But is also a way of getting information across to the public e.g. news stories and weather. For example, the news is there to educate
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b/c we are in a society that feels they must know everything going on. i agree, i prefer not to watch the news b/c it's depressing enough w/o having to listen to how many children
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The purpose of television is to inform, educate and entertain. Television viewers are able to acquire this from the programmes aired on television such as news, documentaries, music and reality shows. The internet is fast challenging television viewership due to the content aired and the large amount of information and entertainment available for viewing at an individual's convenience.
The main purpose of televisions is entertainment. Depending on what channel you watch it can also be used as a learning tool. Television is also used as and advertising medium.
The purpose of television was and still is for purely entertainment. It is intended to entertain us. I watch television and I believe billions of people watch it as well.
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