What Was the Significance of the Tet Offensive?


The Tet Offensive was a series of military attacks during the Vietnam War that began on January 31, 1968. It is often described as the “turning point” in the war and it had deep consequences on the future of both Vietnam and America. It was carried out by the forces of the People's Army of Vietnam and was against the forces of the South Vietnam, the United States, and their allies.
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Probably the brainchild of NVA General Giap.
Tet offensive (1968). Because it turned out that way, some have suggested that this was a politico-military operation designed to undermine US domestic support for the war in Vietnam
When it was over, the Viet Cong basically ceased to be an effective force
Just after midnight on January 30, 1968, some 84,000 Viet Cong guerrillas and North Vietnamese Army soldiers launched a coordinated attack on all of the provincial capital cities
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Tet offensive
an offensive by Vietcong and North Vietnamese forces against South Vietnamese and U.S. positions in South Vietnam, beginning on Jan. 31, 1968, the start of Tet.
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The Tet Offensive was a military campaign in the Vietnam War that began in 1968. The main purpose of the offensive was to spark an uprising among the people and to strike military and civilian command.
The Tet Offensive was a military campaign during the Vietnam War that began on 31st January, 1968. The armed forces of the national liberation front for South Vietnam and the people's army of Vietnam fought against the forces of the Republic of Vietnam.
Tet Offensive was a series of attack on scores of cities, towns, and hamlets throughout South Vietnam by the Vietcong during the Vietnamese war. They launched the offensive on January 31, 1968 with an 85,000 army force. It took the combined effort of the US army and the South Vietnamese some weeks to repel back the sudden attacks from the North Vietnamese army. This attack happened on the first day of Tet which is the first day of the Lunar New Year, Vietnam's most important holiday.
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The Tet offensive was an attack by the North Vietnamese during an official ceasefire for the holiday, Tet. Although they surprised the South Vietnamese and US ...
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