What Were Gandhi's Beliefs?


Mahatma Gandhi was an Indian politician during the Indian independence movement from the British. He believed in the use of non-violent means to fight for the rights of Indians especially against discrimination. He also preached for harmony between people of all faiths.
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Courage,Nonviolence and truth,honesty. Hope this helped :
from what i have read of his sayings i would assume he believed in one god. read for yourself and find out. Source(s) muslim.
Passive rebellion/protest and to eliminate the use of violence to achieve ones goal. He was also a spiritual leader, who felt that India should be divided into two states for Muslims
The Inuit believed that when spirits left our world, they moved on to a spirit world. From there, they were able to exert influence on our world. Much of the Inuit lifestyle was based
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Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi was the greatest political and ideological leader during the Indian independence movement. He believed in non-violent protests unlike other revolutionist leaders who preached terrorism. Around 1920, he acquired the title of mahatma which translates to great soul.
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