What were the achievements of Martin Luther King, Jr.?


Martin Luther King's greatest achievement was being the main force behind the American Civil Rights Movement. He fought for the rights of African-Americans, which revolved around the banning of racial segregation, led the Birmingham campaign, whose aim was promoting their civil rights and, finally, he was instrumental in organizing the largest gathering in Washington's history in March, 1963. Martin Luther was also awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, at least fifty honorary degrees and other several significant awards.
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he did it day and night trying to help others
that he wanted everybody to be treated equally no matter what the color of there skin was .
His Occupation is a minstir
King studied Ghandi's successful non-violent expulsion of the British from India and adopted many principles and sayings.
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Martin Luther King was the youngest person to receive the Nobel Peace Prize for his work toward ending racial segregation and racial discrimination using non-violent methods. He also focused his efforts on ending poverty and opposed the Vietnam War from a religious perspective.
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