What Were Nelson Mandela's Beliefs?


Nelson Mandela was the first Black President of South Africa, and the first to elected by his country's free election. Mandela has been regarded as a key figure in South Africa history. He was a symbol for equality within his own country. Growing up in a country where black citizens were only allowed to work in certain places, Mandela made it his mission to strive for equality in South Africa. When he was President, Mandela used his power to try and help neighboring countries as well. Nelson Mandela has always been in favor of the Democratic views. As far as his religion, Mandela is a Christian. What specific type of Christian is up for debate, some believe that he is a Jehovah's Witness because many of his family members claim that faith. Although, others believe him to more aligned with Methodism, since he was brought up in a Methodist Church. Either way, Mandela shows true Christian values, along with a passion for democracy and equality.
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nelson Mandela believed in African rights.
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