What Are Roman Coins Called?


The Roman Coins came under three different names for golden coins, silver coins and bronze coins. Roman Gold coins were known as aurei (containing 95% pure gold), the silver coins were called denarius (containing 85% silver) and the bronze coins were called aes. You can buy these coins at the current market rates for metals.
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Ancient Roman coins were money. They were used the same way we use money today, as a medium of exchange. They exchanged their coins for the things they needed or wanted.
Roman society had very strongly differentiated gender roles, women in the republic era for example were named by the family's nomen (sort of last name) and a consecutive number. Source
One term is Numismatics, which includes collecting as well as studying. Numismatics is the study of coins and medals.
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The Roman coins comes in Gold, Silver and Bronze. The gold Roman coins is called as Aurei and the silver coins is called as Denarius. 25 Denari is equal to one gold coin.
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