What Were Schools like in the 1960s?


In the 1960's, many kids walked several miles to and from school and discipline was easily maintained. It was disgraceful to be sent to the principal’s office as parents were always informed of bad behaviour. Kids were expected to do many hours of homework and to come prepared.
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School was a lot different, Uniform was below the Knee,ties were used. high socks. If you said a bad word in those days was "shut up" your mouth would be washed out. with
The 1960's had Martin Luther King Jr., psychedelic music, Kennedy's assassination, the
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In the 60’s, the education system was very much based around Grammar and Secondary education and living in Sevenoaks, your place of education. Discipline was easily maintained in schools and kids were expected to do many hours of homework. The exams at age 16 were GCE's which is equivalent to GCSE's today.
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