What were the names of the kids on the "Waltons"?


The kids' names on the Waltons were John-Boy, Jason, Mary Ellen, Erin and Ben. Others were Elizabeth, twins Jim-Bob and Joseph as well as Joseph who died at birth. The Waltons is a television series that was televised from 1972 to 1981.
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The seven children from the show were John Boy (John Walton Jr. Jason, Mary Ellen, Erin, Ben, Jim Bob (James Robert) and Elizabeth.
John and Olivia Walton's children: John-Boy, Jason, Mary Ellen, Erin, Ben, twins
Herbert Clark Hoover Jr. and Allen Henry Hoover.
i know one of them is kylie i go to school with her. theres also kassie and cody, kylies the oldest then kassie then cody.
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In the TV series The Waltons, John and Olivia had eight children namely; John-Boy, Jason, Mary Ellen, Erin, Ben, Jim-Bob & Joseph (twins) and Elizabeth. Jim-Bob's twin brother, Joseph, died at birth. The series was based on The Hamner family life and was created and directed by Earl Hamner Jr.
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