What Will Your Car Do If You Have a Broken Axle?


Axles are what keeps the wheels of your car on straight. If they are breaking down, they will make a clicking sound when you turn the wheel. If they are cracked or covered in grease and making a funny clicking noise, the Axles of your car need to be replaced.
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If you have a broken axle, what your car will do is nothing. That is, depending on the set up and which axle of course. Car axle's transfer power to the wheels, and can break due to; bad bearings, overloading, wear, or a rough bump. If you put your car in gear and hear a loud clunking and knocking noise, this is a good indicator. If upon acceleration the noise increases, most likely it's the axle. An worn axle will generally make a clicking noise before breaking (especially when turning).
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