What wine goes with lasagna?


Hearty red wines like Chianti and Barolo go well with traditional tomato-based lasagna, while dry white wines are better suited for lasagna in white sauce.

The rich flavors of lasagna in tomato sauce require an assertive red wine. Chianti is a fruity Tuscan red that complements a garlicky bolognese or marinara sauce. Another great option is Barolo, which hails from the fertile Piedmont area of Italy. Barbera, an oaked red wine, is also used to delicious effect. However, a red wine to accompany traditional lasagna need not be Italian; cabernet sauvignon and shiraz are other good choices.

Many modern chefs prepare variations on the classic lasagna recipes. Therefore, different wines should be used to accompany these new recipes. For example, a seafood lasagna with white sauce that includes dry white wine should be accompanied by a matching wine like chardonnay. Some vegetarian lasagnas are made with roasted vegetables and no sauce; these recipes call for white wines, as they are overpowered by reds. Mushroom lasagnas are heartier and may stand up to a pinot noir or even a red burgundy wine. A chef should always try to match a wine to the ingredients in his chosen recipe, and lasagna is no exception.

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The rule of thumb for most pastas is a red wine. My personal favorite is a Rioja from Spain, goes really well with the spicey sausage of my lasagne.
Types Wine is enjoyed the world over as a beverage that enhances a meal. Most wines have different flavors and different tastes, so the appropriate wine is determined by the type
A nice, dry Italian red. Lasagna is a rich, full flavored dish. Anything less than full bodied will be lost. While many people recommend matching the white cheese with a white wine
A 2004 Cabernet Sauvignon from 75 Wine Company could be a nice
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What Wine Goes With Lasagna?
Both wine and lasagna are two very popular food and drink items that are desired on most Italian tables as well as by many people around the world. Pairing the right wine with the lasagna you are having is essential in having a palette-flowing dinner or... More »
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Many wine enthusiasts prefer a Chianti paired with lasagna as it contains a higher acidic level and balances the taste of lasagna well. Chianti wines are Italian ...
An Italian wine to serve with lasagna is Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine is dense, dark and tannic. It is also used in Bordeaux, Tuscany, Napa Valley, Sonoma County ...
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