What Would Be an Expected Consequence of Changing One Amino Acid in a Particular Protein?


The primary structure of protein consists of Amino Acid. Due to this reaosn, changing one Amino Acid would alter the primary structure of the protein. Other than the primary structure, the tertiary structure of protein would also be changed.
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Even though polypeptides can be thousands of amino acids long, a single replacement of one amino acid with another could make the protein ineffective and/or harmful to the organism.
The primary structure of a protein is simply it's amino acid sequence, so (b) is correct. The tertiary structure is the way in which the protein folds in 3 dimensions, this depends
D)The primary structure would definitely change, the secondary, tertiary and quaternary structures of the polypeptide might be changed.
The primary structure of the protein would be changed, the tertiary structure of the protein might be changed, and the biological activity or function of the protein might be altered
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