What would you expect / hope to find in a Digital Marketing Platform software solution?

The term, 'Digital Marketing' is still rather slippery and means different things to different people and I purposefully don't want to put too define what it may mean to you. So, if you heard that a company was selling a 'Digital Marketing Platform software solution', what would you expect it to include? Ideally, if you can prioritize the features and functionality from most important to least, it would be most helpful.

Thanks in advance.


Jason Stewart (Demand Generation, Demandbase, Inc.)
I think Adobe is the company that comes closest to having a 'digital marketing platform' but that's because they have acquired and assembled a variety of far-reaching solutions. Day CQ5 for web content management plus the Omniture suite of products for multivariate testing and analytics (among other things). Plus all the web development tools and design software. The only thing missing is MAS/CRM and/or email management -- but there are plenty of companies that integrate easily with the Adobe suite. Seems like a pretty bold statement to make considering how many different components it would need to contain.
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