What year did Fats Domino die?


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Fats Domino is alive.
Antoine "Fats" Domino recorded dozens of top-40 hits between 1950 and 1966, including early feel-good rock 'n' roll classics "Blueberry Hill" and "Ain't That A Shame." Domino grew up in New Orleans and began p... More>>
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2007. Naww u tripping cause it's 2011 and he was like 90 in 2007!
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In 1946, he began playing piano in Billy Diamond’s band at the Hideaway Club. Diamond gave the 5 foot, 5 inch, 220-pound piano player the nickname "Fats." In 1949, Fats Domino signed a record deal with Dave Bartholomew at Imperial Records. His first single, "Fat Man," became an R&B hit song. This single was also considered one of the very first rock 'n' roll songs.

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