What Year Did Nelson Mandela Die?


Nelson Mandela is very much alive though in frail condition. He was born in 1918 and became the leader for South Africa's' independence and later became the president. He is very much respected world over for his stand on peace and reconciliation.
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Nelson Mandelas fatehr dies in 1925 when Nelson was 7 years old. He died of tuberculosis.
Timeline – Nelson Mandela : 1918 July 18. Born Rolihlahla Mandela at Mvezo in the Transkei. 1925. Attends primary school near Qunu (receives the name ‘Nelson’ from
What was Nelson Mandela's greatest challenge?
He protested it and got locked up for a decade as a political prisoner. He became the face of the nonviolent opposition to it.
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As of February 7, 2011, the legendary Nelson Mandela alias ‘Madiba’ is still alive and kicking. He still remains one of the world's most revered statesmen, who led the struggle to end the apartheid regime of South Africa and replaced it with a multi-racial democracy.
Nelson Mandela is still alive. He is one of the world's most revered statesmen, who led the struggle to replace the apartheid regime of South Africa with a multi-racial democracy.
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