What Year Is a G REG Car?


A G reg car is a car that was assigned its number plate in the 1968 year. The system of registration was established so as to clear ownership and to tax motorist or vehicle owners. It operated on a four-track type approval system that led to a Certificate of Conformity meaning the car had met a minimum set of regulations.
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An h reg car will be made at 1990.
It could be argued that credit goes to French inventor Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot for the world's first car. In 1769, he built the first self-propelled vehicle: a steam tractor that traveled
A car with an 'A' suffix number (ie XXX 123 A) was registered in 1963. An 'A' prefix (A 123 XXX) was registered between August 1983 or July 1984. On the 'new' style registrations
1963 if the A is at the back e.g. DEF123A. 1983 if the A is at the front e.g. A123DEF
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