What year was "Ice Ice Baby" released?


"Ice Ice Baby," a song by Vanilla Ice, was initially released in 1989 on his first LP, "Hooked." The song was released by SBK Records as a B side to a cover of "Play That Funky Music."

"Ice Ice Baby" was an unlikely success, according to IMDB. The LP as a whole was largely unsuccessful in the wake of its release, so it logically followed that its B side was likely to receive very little attention. Nevertheless, "Ice Ice Baby" became the song that first brought Vanilla Ice into the spotlight. In 1990, a radio disc jockey decided to play the B side of "Play That Funky Music," and "Ice Ice Baby" became wildly successful as radio stations all over the United States received requests for it.

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Ice Ice Baby came out in 1990 on the "To The Extreme" album!
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