Whats the Best Price for Scrap Cars?


The price of selling or scrapping a used car will largely depend on its condition. To find out how much you can get for scrapping a specific car please refer to this website: http://www.cartakeback.com/en/index.asp
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I turned in some scrap copper just yesterday, December 13, 2007,and they're paying $2.30 a pound for it here in Las Vegas, Nevada. Depending on where you are price will vary. In New
Apologies for pointing out the obvious, but why not call a local metal recycler and ask? It's not like there's a market maker out there setting the price.
Adding any more parts than it takes to get a car down the road adds cost, but that doesn't necessarily mean those parts are options. Additional components such as the transfer case/
The engine, tires, windows, and drive train.
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