Whats the Best Price for Scrap Cars?


The price of selling or scrapping a used car will largely depend on its condition. To find out how much you can get for scrapping a specific car please refer to this website: http://www.cartakeback.com/en/index.asp
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Current scrap metal price is below on Feb 26. 2010 ( fas main port of US , min 40000 lb ) bare bright wire : $ 3.19 lb. #1 copper scrap : $ 3.06 lb. #2 copper scrap : $ 2.97 lb.
whatever steel is per pound.........call ur local junkyard and ask...... now if ur trying to BUY scrap cars.....its whatever u pay for
Car dealers work like any other business; buy low and sell high is the name of the game. Through arrangement with the factory, new car dealers receive a discount on the merchandise,
When the time comes to buy a new car, people want to get the best deal they can find. Think about the best time to buy a car to ensure you're getting a good price. The best time to
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